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Team Feeds

Feed 200 hungry runners in less than an hour? Seems impossible, but team feeds run like a well oiled machine and are a staple to JXC.  Every Thursday before a meet there is a team feed held at a teammate's home, for the entire team. Please consider hosting or donating to our team feeds, it's an experience not to be missed!

Click links below to sign up.

Contact Brenda @ 330-806-4749 

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Team Feed sign up here

Sign Ups will be available beginning in August.

Federal League Championship

Saturday Oct 12,2019

JXC will be hosting the Federal League Championship on our home course this season. Many volunteers are needed to work the course, concessions, apparel, finish line and more. Please help this Championship meet be a success!

Click the link below for volunteer sign up.

Sign ups will be available this fall.

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