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Alumni Race 2019

**** Yes this is a  mandatory part of the Cross Country Season  – time trial to lock down training groups and an introduction into the new season (It has been on the schedule since May 4th)

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Date: Friday August 2nd (this is our only preseason race)


Location: JXC cross country course (behind the middle school)


Who: All current members of the team, alumni, future runners, parents, and anyone who wants to join in the fun


Distance: 2 mile course


When to report: High School 6:00pm (I would arrive early as it is going to be very crowded)


Race Time: boys race 6:30/ 7:00 girls race

Food and Drink:

    Pizza will be provided for the runners (thanks to an outstanding job with the Night Glow Run raising funds for the team – shout out to all who helped). Family members are more than welcome to the meal with us we just ask that the runners grab their pizza first – the desserts, snacks, and beverages are available to everyone at all times during the event, we know we have plenty for all.


Runners will bring some additional items (please bring over to the podium area)

SR/JR – case of bottled water / Gatorade (will be taking a large amount of this down to camp)

Soph/ Frosh – Chips/ Pretzels/ Snacks etc

Jr High Boys – Hand Held dessert like cookies

Jr High Girls – Hand Held fruit and vegetables

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